Jumpstart Your Summer Body with this 100% success rate program.
21 Day Summer Body Shred Challenge. 
BODY COMPOSITION TEST DUE BY: 1 week before your start date
**Details will be emailed to you after registration.
 We have done this challenge with hundreds of people.  You only pay 1 time to get your nutrition plan then you can do it anytime you want to cut fat and maintain muscle mass.
This program is a serious fat loss program that also increases muscle mass.  Great for all ages (even kids) Body builders would do this type of meal plan the 21 days before they hit the stage for a competition. So there will be no muscle loss but a lot of fat loss.
This is best done with a partner to help keep each other on track and motivated. One of our favorite things about this program is that anyone can do it. All ages & all walks of life. It is a very healthy way to eat that will teach you how to choose the right kinds of foods on a daily basis and to understand how and what macros are the best to have a healthy lifestyle. This nutrition plan is not meant to be a way of life but to jumpstart your fat loss & train you to know the secrets of eating. You can choose to continue eating this way as long a you want or as open as you want.
-Custom meal planning…specifically calculated for you to lose fat AND increase lean muscle.
-Access to our private Body Challenge Facebook page to motivate each other, ask questions, share insights, recipes and results with each other.
-3 weeks unlimited fitness training membership
(you are able to attend as many training classes as you want during those 3 weeks)
Mandatory Weigh-ins/Body Composition Tests: To participate in this you must get a body composition test from a reliable machine. We suggest you go over to Complete Nutrition and get tested with their In-Body Machine and send us your results so we can put together your custom plan. It’s mandatory to test with the same machine before, during and after the challenge for accuracy.
Approved Devices: In-Body, Bod Pod, or Dexa Scan are approved. Any other devices must be approved by American Athlete to be counted in the challenge.
PRICE: $150 includes a 3 week adult training membership.