Our Athletes

We have had a great start with so many great youth and adult athletes.  Its so fun to see the progress and changes taken place in every aspect of their lives.  Once you start to see a result, it becomes fun and exciting… almost an addiction (a good one tho).  Our youth athletes doing team […]

Vegan Life

My good friend, Somer McCowan, is the the worlds most knowledgeable vegan.  Her story is absoluley amazing and inspiring.  Somer has just published the popular vegan cookbook “The Abundance Diet”.  You can order the book at amazon.com and you can follow her on Facebook, Instagram and her blog, VEDGED OUT.  She also has a free 28 […]


If you are reading this, then you have found us! We are excited to have the opportunity to bring your area the American Athlete program.  We have been inspired to create our program by many local, professional, and olympic athletes whom we have had the privelidge to learn from, including their stratagies and techniques offered at […]