Athlete Training

JV/VARSITY: ages 12-18

Lifts and advanced speed dynamics, mirroring a Division 1 collegiate program.

• Broaden character development
• Theory & terminology
• Instilling a healthy lifestyle & character development


• Core & functional strength exercises
• Linear acceleration speed dynamics
• Linear velocity speed dynamics
• Lateral speed dynamics
• Plyometric training
• Sport-specific strength training
• Advanced flexibility training
• Advanced pre-hab, joint stability and mobility training

mechanics, weight lifting and spotting.

Varsity & JV training is held every day for 1 hour.  Each day, athletes are trained in specific athletic movements teaching you to train as the top athletes in the world train. As you research professional and the top athletes in the worlds training habits, you will come to understand that training is a constant in any true athletes career and lifestyle. There is no off-season.  Wether they are in season or off season, they are continually training to reach their own athletic goals and progress to be better than they were yesterday.  American Athlete instills the best training in the world in our athletes and expect them to come ready to train like the best and in turn, they are the best.

FRESHMAN: ages 7-11

Creates a foundation in coordination, athleticism, body-weight exercises and proper running technique in a positive environment.

• Build work ethic & character development
• Theory and terminology
• Instilling a healthy lifestyle

• Establish core strength and flexibility
• Development of motor skills and movement patterns
• Strength training preparation through the utilization of
body-weight exercises and basic technique lifting skills
• Institute speed, plyometric & conditioning bases