American Athlete is inspired by Team USA and created by Team USA member, 2022 Olympic athlete hopeful, Dallas Irvin. American Athlete is a private training facility open to its members. We specialize in building champions through strength and conditioning, speed & agility training for athletes and personal training for adults.

Dallas loves sharing his knowledge and experience with aspiring youth athletes, seasoned & experienced athletes wanting to up their own knowledge and experience, and adults of all fitness levels.

As a kid, Dallas was always embarrassed of his big calves.  Always trying to hide them by wearing pants even in the hot summer. Having 3 older brothers and 2 sisters he always had to compete to be the one that got noticed or got the attention of anyone he could, especially his parents.  Competition bread into his system, team sports became his way of showing off his talents and getting noticed not only by his parents but the local media featuring him on the front of the news papers weekly and more. Setting records everywhere he went and a closet full of trophies, he set his sight on playing sports forever.  Taking a break to serve a full time mission for his church, then coming back to play at Dixie State in St. George, Utah and loving every minute.  His talents are many but his work ethic that magnifies those talents are far more important.

Continuous athlete training, mental & physical preparation earned him the opportunity to be on Team USA to bobsled all over the world. He learns from the best trainers in the world how to be the best athlete possible. Converting his knowledge into a training program that has helped many people also reach their fitness and athletic goals.

We look forward to training with you!

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  • I live on Trinnaman Lane and I drive past your business each day on my way to work. I have a 15 year old son who would be interested in getting into shape and lifting weights. Do you do one on one training or is it all group training? I want to help him build good self-esteem and become in good shape. Thank you.

    • Julie, we would love to meet you guys! please stop in anytime. We do both one-on-one and group training.

  • Hi my son attended the other night because he was on Coach Covey’s football team. He also plays competitive baseball and basketball and he enjoyed this class. I might be interested in having my daughter age 13 who plays competitive softball and volleyball come as well. I know you mentioned you do family discounts and do we pick and choose the 2 nights they want to come each week or is it always the same 2 nights?

    • Yes they can choose any 2 days they want to attend. Yes, We do family discount on our full memberships which includes this elite athlete class (4 days a week) and/or our adult fitness training (everyday). We have a couple other girls in the elite athlete class as well. She is welcome to come in and train. Very sorry about the delayed response! Just saw your question.

  • I have a daughter who plays volleyball and would love to get her vertical higher. She is a sophomore at Skyridge. Is this something that could help her?

    • Hi, Yes! We can help improve her vertical jump and get her ready for next season or whatever team she might be on in the off season. This is our specialty. We are usually at the gym all day but if you stop by after 4pm Mon-Thurs we will be here for sure. Thanks! Very sorry for the delayed response. We didn’t see any of these comments until today.

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