American Athlete Gym Orientation:

1. Fill out waiver & add credit card on iPad in front office. (Mindbody App – orange, clients tab on bottom, +Client top right)

2. All guests and visitors must fill out waiver to workout. First workout is free, after first workout $20 per visit for drop in guests.

3. We charge on the 1st of every month for memberships. No contract. No refunds. Cancel before the 1st, if canceling.


Venmo @dallasirvin for all items for sale, clothing, supplements, tape.


**Our gym rules have proven to keep our equipment clean & new looking and a positive atmosphere.

Guys and girls…Keep shirts on at all times even if you’re the only one in gym.

No tummy show or just sports bras.

Wear clean gym shoes inside the gym.

Wipe street shoes before entering.

If you make a mess, clean it up.


Wipe down everything you use (cleaning supplies provided) & Put everything away or we charge you 10$per time to clean up after you.


Normatech, Ice bath, Sauna, Percussion Guns MEMBERS CLEAN AFTER EACH USE Text us if you have any questions 385.999.1293.


Monday-Saturday 5am-11pm. Closed Sunday.

If you are last one in the gym after dark, please turn off all lights, shut and lock doors.

Keep front door locked if you are here alone. Just SO we don’t get random people off the street.


Every 3 months we do lifting club for our members.

Held on the last Saturday of Jan, April, July, Oct. 8:30am-10:30 am

*Lifting club details are posted inside the gym.


2022 GYM CHALLENGES are free for members to enter, just turn in your challenge paper on the front desk when you finish to enter prize drawing.

*We post schedule updates and info on our Facebook & Instagram @americanathletetraining

*We reserve the right to refuse service or membership to anyone if our gym rules are not observed. This is a private gym only for those who are serious about their fitness and well being, willing to be respectful to others, clean up after yourselves and keep a positive clean environment for all members & guests to enjoy.

If you have any questions please text 385.999.1293